Here is part of the Outlaw Gang out in front of our Western Town Facade, getting ready to rob the train.
Barry Worden


Born in Cloverdale, BC Barry at a very young become a rodeo performer and rider, then later purchased and operated a hunting and fishing lodge in Northern BC. He was a ticketed welder back in those days as well. Barry became an outlaw rider in 2004.

Larry Foss


Born in Vanguard, Sask. Home of the Turkey Track Ranch. Larry did his share of Rodeoing, was a working Cowboy for spreads through out the west. Becoming an actor in films which took him from working with the Moscow Circus to working with some of the best in the business, and has driven his share of stagecoaches and has been known to rob a fre steam trains as a ghost… still takes a time out to speak his poems and sing his songs to his grandson today.

Larry became an outlaw rider for the 1st time if you believe in ghosts in 1863…

Gus Martin


Born and raised in Southern Ontairo. As a young lad Gus entered the Armeed Forces, he was moved to Kamloops as a pilot, became an instructor for Aircraft Maintenance and alter a private instructor for piloting students.

Gus found comfort in a saddle as well. Cowboying at the Harper Ranch, becoming a professional Cowboy, acor and finally becoming an outlaw rider in 2002.

William Mclane


Born in Sonora California. As William grew up he became a musician, songwriter, singer and actor, he travelled the globe performing Folk, Country, and the blues. Gus travelled to Japan an while there perfected the art of parparing shushi.

William eventually made his way west and become an outlaw rider in 2004. William now resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Donnelly Rhodes - Celebrity Guest Outlaw

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Donnelly Rhodes trained to be a warden in the National Park Service in Manitoba and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as an airman-mechanic before finally settling into his long and successful career as an actor. Rhodes became a contract player for Universal Pictures in the U.S., landing film and television roles ranging from a gunslinger in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) to a country singer in The Hard Part Begins (1973) to various guest appearances in series such as "Mission: Impossible" (1966). Later, he was popular as the suave Phillip Chancellor Sr. on "The Young and the Restless" (1973).

More recently, he has appeared in a number of TV movies as well as in guest spots on popular series such as "Sliders" (1995) and "The X Files" (1993). Rhodes' diverse interests include music and horses, but his real passion is boats.