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Physical Requirements - Age requirement - 19 to 65 years of age.

Outlaw Riders is an active, faster-paced horseback adventure. There are no rides of this type available in the world. Participants on our adventures really need to be in better than average physical condition. Guest ranches, trail rides and pack trips companies only allow riding at the walk, for short periods of time. If the rider is not in the best physical condition, this is extremely difficult and even dangerous on a more active adventure ride. Horseback riding is a physical activity, even at a slow walk. It requires that you have control of your upper body, good strength in your legs and the ability to control the movement of your body on the horse. If you don't have control, you are at risk for coming off the horse or possibly injuring the horse by rocking in the saddle or pounding on him at a trot. Horses don't like pain and they will respond to protect themselves.