Thousands of tourists, history buffs and fans of original steam locomotives have experienced the excitement and fun of the Bill Miner Wild West Show. The live Wild West show is featured in the summer months during the scheduled runs on the “Spirit of Kamloops” 2141 Steam Locomotive and Heritage Train.

When the train is forced to a stop and surrounded by Bill Miner’s outlaw gang, the passengers know something is up. Outlaws on horses, guns blazing and shouting “hands up, we’re here for the gold” reenact the action of an old west train robbery that actually took place in 1906 just outside Kamloops. Bill Miner and his gang enlist the passengers’ participation in this exciting and realistic event. This was Canada’s second and last train robbery, both holdups pulled off by the Bill Miner Gang.

As well, the Bill Miner Show is performed at special events, rodeos, universities and corporate functions.


In April of 2004 Larry Foss produced and directed a spectacular 100th anniversary reenactment of Bill Miner’s first canadian train robbery. Lending to the events authenticity, Canadian Pacific Railways donated the newly restored 2816 Steam Locomotive and Heritage train, and its crew. The two and one half-hour excursion featured an unscheduled stop, at what turned out to be the original robbery site at Silverdale, BC. Eight celebrity “horsemen / outlaws” featuring Larry Foss as the Ghost of Bill Miner and good friend actor Donnelly Rhodes, from the TV Series “Davinci’s Inquest” as Miner’s step-brother Jack Budd – stopped the train, boarded the passenger cars and “demanded gold”. Ten role-playing actors were aboard the train at the time of departure, to help facilitate a period atmosphere for the more than one hundred unsuspecting but delighted train buffs, special guests and media representatives who were there to see the 2816’s return to service.

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