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Bill Stewart : Vancouver Film Producer

"I'll tell ya I really enjoyed this, we don't do this in Manhatten everyday, they might take a different view if we did." "They trained me how to hold a gun, I can hold both, the gun and micro-phone at the same time! "Don't tell me you don't have any gold ha! Ha! Thank-you very much Larry Foss for letting me be a part of the Billy Miner Show!" "It's been Fantastic!"

William Mclane: Idaho Falls Musician

"Ya know what really makes it click for me? To feel like an outlaw?, is that before we ride toward the train,. I wopen my gun, start putting those shells in one at a time.. there's something about doing that. Ya know it makes me think 'Wow this is kinda real!"

Donnelly Rhodes: Actor

"That better be real gold or we'll have to go back and get some real bullets for these guns".

Maureen Young: Vancouver Film IATSE Member

"We've been atop mountains, herding horses, driving teams and now were holding up trains! Its got to be the best experience of my life."

Geoff Smith: Retired NHL Player

"Outlaw riders playing together robbing trains and stagecoaches, searching for the gold." "Like the Stanley Cup is to a hockey player, the shipment of gold is the prize to an outlaw". "Join the Billy Miner Ghost and his rides. Check us out @ outlawcomboyriders.com."

Barry and Linda Cline: Stable of Cutting Horses

Breeders of Hunting Dogs Barry and Linda who breed and raise top notch cutting horses as well breed and raise hunting dogs. They enjoy holding pheasant hunting events. Barry and Linda took part in the Wild West Adventure and this is what they had to say: "Its not as easy as it looks but Linda smiling says "we had a wonderful time, the scenery here in Kamloops is beautiful with the desert landscape it really feels like the old west."

Mel Harrison: Rodeo Star

Mel is a retired but far from forgotten well known Rodeo clown ventured into riding borncs and bull, this is what had to say: "I've always wanted to be an outlaw, it was and excelerating experience with all the people and everything. I just loved it."